Toomarahva tourism farm was founded in 1995 as a family enterprise offering accommodation and catering. Ülle Tamm, the hostess of the farmstay, has been working in the tourism business already from the period when Estonia regained its independence. During these years there have been thousands of guests from very many countries staying at Toomarahva.

Altja village was first mentioned in 1465 as a fishing estate near Oandu river. Toomarahva farm is located in the centre of the old village and has always been the very heart of the local social and cultural life. Just besides the farm there is a village swing, fireplace and famous Altja Inn.

Lahemaa National Park was founded in 1971 and Toomarahva farm was rebuilt as an example of a typical Estonian coastal farm. In the yard under the big trees there is a main house, barn, sauna and a traditional celler. All the houses are made of wooden logs and have a wooden or detached roofs.